Saturday, October 4, 2008

MS3 Exams

Well it is officially Saturday---excellent. There are only a few days left until the Festival is here :-) Sadly I have a HUGE cold sore on my lip that hurts like nothing else, but the good news is that I can count on it NOT being there for the week of events. Jake is studying like a fiend and just had his first major exam this year (Pathology) yesterday. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday is full of more exams (Neuro, Genetics, and something else), but Thursday and Friday of next week is his Fall break, so that will be nice. We plan to go to Floyds Knobs next weekend to get flu vaccines (and I am also getting a tetanus booster since I am about 2 years overdue!) I think we may take a day-trip down to Lexington as well to eat lunch w/ Stacy, Jackson, & Addyson, my cousins. Addyson's first birthday is October 15th and we will have to miss her party b/c of the Festival. Hopefully we can find a good 1 year present for her...

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