Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Going with (GASP)...RETAIL

So anyone who knows me understands that I am a bit of a crazy when it comes to planning, even if it means planning for an event more than a year in advance. I have had a baby registry for probably the last year and a half or so, mostly to keep me entertained. I think my dream job would be to open a high-end baby boutique---the new gear they come out with each year is FANTASTIC! Anyway, yesterday evening I finally replaced the incredibly beautiful Argington nursery furniture (and incredibly expensive) with a more "moderately priced" set of furniture. It is sad, yes, but the thought of having someone else (let alone myself) pay for a crib that costs nearly $900 and add to that a changing table that costs $800---it makes me fairly sick to my stomach.

The new furniture is from designer Amy Coe (specifically her collection for Babies 'R Us). It has excellent ratings (especially when compared to the new modern cribs at Target from DwellStudio), and is simple and nice. I also went ahead and changed out the $320 DwellBaby bedding (that has been retired anyway) for Amy Coe's new "Simply Swirl" chocolate and white bedding. She has a ton of cute accessories and everything is VERY reasonably priced, which is good. All of my choices will most certainly change at least a dozen more times before we ever have a baby, but I am keeping things updated just in case!

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