Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Festival Fun

So I haven't had much time for blogging the past few days...here is a rundown of the typical schedule that I have had each day beginning last Thursday:

7:00 AM Wake Up/Eat Breakfast/Get Dressed & Ready/Leave
9:00 AM Arrive at Office
12:00 PM Eat Lunch (maybe)
12:30 PM Leave for Theater (either UA at Circle Centre, Greenwood Park, or Castleton)
1:00 PM Arrive at Theater
7:00 PM Eat Dinner (maybe---most likely fast food)
11:30 PM Leave Theater
12:00 PM Arrive Home
12:30 PM SLEEP

Then I get up an do it all over again. Thursday and Saturday were special cases, though. Thursday we had the Opening Night event at the Murat so we had to be there from about 5:30 PM to 12:30 PM or so. Saturday was the Gala and so Allison and I were in the office by 9:00 AM working on seating until about 4:00 PM when we got ready in about 20 minutes and ran from the Canterbury Hotel to Conseco Fieldhouse in our evening gowns. Nice, I know.

It is getting pretty cold here---a high of 58 degrees for today. I have another long night of theaters for today so I had better get going...

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