Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Age-Old "Personal Assistant" Complex

It is funny to notice those around you and determine what types of workers they are. I, personally, believe there are only two types:

Type A - Busy yet self sufficient, always willing and able to help out others, never willing to inconvenience those around them.

Type B - Never busy, lazy, master of re-routing tasks to others, always inconveniencing and "wearing out" their welcome with peers.

When I think about those "type B"s in this world, they all have a very common bond. They are bound by the very ancient rules of class and status---basically living out their own caste system. So called "meaningless" yet essential daily tasks (copying, for example) are easily placed on others mostly because that type B person is actually terrified that one of their peers will witness them stooping to the level of an assistant.

Let me clarify something, though. As an executive assistant myself, I understand the need for assistants. It is one thing to be a part of a management or executive team and actually have an assistant to help with day to day operations. It is quite another, however, to be in an entry level role without an assistant and suddenly decide that this person, who you deem to be "lower" than you, will now be your own "go to" person.

It is the 21st century. Get with the program.

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