Friday, September 19, 2008

Eating Right...and Wrong

Hello all---Amanda here. It is finally Friday. Wow. As far as nutrition is concerned, I had a massive bagel from Einstein Bagel Company earlier this morning and just now, lo and behold, my co-workers decided to go there AGAIN for lunch. So add to that some fairly thick, pretty weird broccoli cheddar soup and you've got yourself one entirely horrible meal that I have consumed.

This weekend should be fairly uneventful. Jake will be taking a neuro exam today and we plan to go to Yats in Broad Ripple after that (I am hoping we can get some cookies from the Whimsical Whisk there!) And Saturday morning I will be at the brand new Nordstrom's up on 86th Street here in Indy with Allison and her 18 lb., 4 month old nephew. Sunday is church followed by La Piedad (or "the pie dad" for oh so many of you). I should definitely experiment and try to create the recipe for "Amanda's Famous Lime Curd Shortbread Cookies" this weekend as well...stay tuned for updates.

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